Special Size Column Cap

made with Maytrx Cap Stones

(for standard column use Cambridge pre-made Cap and Top)

 The Cap can be made from Maytrx Cap stones. Each stone will have a finished size of 8 3/4” X 8 3/4” or more by using a combination of splitting or cutting each stone to fit the total size. The stones are made in three different patterns. It is suggested that all stones be glued in final position.  The Next Page shows some pictures of the Stones being cut into a Cap.

Special Size Top Cap

An optional finish Top Cap can be made with Maytrx Cap stones. Each stone will have a finished size of the column by using a combination of splitting and cutting each stone.

The A Stones require 2 splits each

The B Stones require 2 cuts each

The optional C stone

require 3  cuts

The T Stones require 2 splits  each

Optional Column Cap

Optional Column Top

 Download this PDF file, print it out and bring it into the field for detailed color instructions on how to build this project. Modify for your size

Text Box: Link To Column Top Instructions (Click Here)
Please Change the Modular dimensions in the PDF to insure a 2” overhang on all sides. In this case 8 3/4” on Cap and 10” on Top Stones.
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Column Kits

Special Size Column Cap

Note: Cambridge now offers the cap and top as an optional part of the Column Kit. There is no cutting just glue to the top of the Column. Use this page for special size Columns. Cambridge offer three different Cap Stones all 3” thick. Maytrx Cap 11x12. Large Cap 18x12 and the Cambridge 13” Cap 13x12.