Expanded Column Kit as Driveway Pillar or Gate Pillar

  Cambridge Column Kits lend themselves to Large as well as small Columns and Pillars. The Column Kit as designed produces a 22”x22” square column by combining the 8” and 14” face on each row.  Larger Columns can be built by adding a cut “Piece” of a Column Block to each of the four sides. For example adding a 12” length of  cut Column Block on each of the four sides will create a 34”x34” column that will look proportional in a higher length than would be normal for the 22”x22” Column. The Illustration on the left shows a “to Scale” Column 34”x34” x6’ 6” high. Maytrx Column Kits have a hollow cavity in the center of the column to run electric wires for lights, cameras or sensors.

 We recommend gluing all pieces of the Column Kit with SRW brand paver adhesive for the highest strength when hanging fences or Gates on these structures.

  Illustration showing Cut Column Blocks added to Cambridge Column Kit to expand the size beyond 22”x22”. All block shown in yellow should be the same length.

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