Additional Options for Column Cap and Top

The drawings below depict a Arc Cap used to form a Column Top. There are various products available to finish a Column including Natural Stone and many Precast products. There should be a “reveal” (distance of Cap overhang) that depends on the width of the column. The Column Built with the Maytrx Column Kit is 22”X 22” and anywhere from 1.5” to 2” reveal seams best. That means the outside dimension of your column Cap should be between  25x25 and 26x26  (22+1.5+1.5=25”), (22+2+2=26”)

Additional Details:

The Cap of the Column may be enriched by adding another layer of Maytrx Cap Stones to increase the height of the Cap Treatment.

Note: this illustration uses contrasting colors to show detail.

Natural Stone as Column Top

Precast Concrete Column Products

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Column Kits