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Project List

2 rows of the Column are modified  by cutting stones to accommodate the mailbox insert.  Purchase a masonry cutting blade.

Column Mailbox Insert may be purchased online along with the Faceplate that suits your project,

Faceplate will cover the cuts made to the column Kit to accommodate the Mailbox Insert, The cuts are determined by the size of the box

· 1 or more Cambridge Column Kits

· Cap and Hat option for the Kit

· Column Building instructions & USPS height requirements are available on


· “Column Mailbox”


Mailbox Ideas:

Start with a Column Kit

Stones in White are the cut stones for the insert

Start Mailbox at row that meets USPS code

Install the Mailbox insert with Paver adhesive

Install the Mailbox Faceplate

Stones in White are the cut stones for the Insert Row

Last full row of Column Block

The Cambridge Column Mailbox starts out as a Cambridge Column Kit. Download directions from http;//cambridgepavers,com. Calculate the distance from the curb or the street that is mandated by the  USPS (information can be obtained at http;// The height of the mailbox door from the street as well as the distance from the street or curb the column is set back are critical.

Assembly of the Column and Column Mailbox may be viewed as an animation clip on: and is showing on the next Page

Search: “Cambridge Column Mailbox”

Start Your column as instructed, when you are at the height location of the mailbox insert (at the nearest row that will meet the USPS code at the location of the mail insert) install the first row of “cut” stones as shown in the picture  on the left and above.

Use paver adhesive to glue the Mailbox insert into place. You should mount the Faceplate to the Mailbox insert with the screws provided.



 You should install temporary shim over the mailbox insert to level the last row of full column stones (last row should be glued with paver adheasive0 check that everything is level (paver adhesive is stronger than the stones themselves it will not be possible to adjust the stones after it has dried)

Column Caps:

Find the center of the column to act as a guide for the Column Cap stones, each side should overhand the column by 1 1/2” (reveal)

 It is recommended that the Column Caps and Column Top (Hat) stones be glued.


Column Top (Hat) Stones:


 Install the Column Hat stones using the center of the cap row as a starting point.





USPS code:


The US Postal Service would like the bottom of the door or slot to Ideally be 47” high (42-48 allowed) from the street level.

 Note: USPS requires that the Column

Mailbox be 6” to 9” in from the face of the curb.

 Build a Base of Crushed stone in accordance with local building codes, dig to virgin soil and use either compacted aggregate or poured concrete footings. Have the footings at least 4 inches wider than the column or wall on all sides. Normally, 8 inches highly compacted aggregate, in 4 inch lifts or less is an adequate base for a standard Cambridge Column Kit that are 4’ high. Note: These designs are a guide only, a licensed professional should be consulted for freeze thaw and load requirements of your particular project. The Maytrx Column Kit provides everything needed for a 4’ high Column with enough material to place one course below ground. If the columns are to be lighted make provisions for conduit pipe or wire according to local building code at this time.

 Place the stones  using a square and level to insure the first course is level, plum and square. Once the first course is complete, each subsequent course will be laid alternating the pattern of “First Course” and Second Course”. Use a level inside the column in the hole formed for wire access to check for plum.  The Maytrx Column Kit includes 9 sets (courses) of 6” stones that will produce a 4’ column and burry one course in the ground for stability. It is suggested SRW pavingstone adhesive be used on edges where  the stones meet, be careful not to allow adhesive to be viewed from the face of the stone.

If your project requires columns higher than 4’ purchase additional Column kits. The Kit includes 36 pieces (8 pieces per ft of 22”x 22” Column).

Column Kit Base